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Qubik Studios is joining the initiative #StopModReposts in this News we will tell you what this means and what you have to expect.

What is #StopModRepost?

#StopModReposts is an initiative to help modders to stop Redistribution over their own Projects
It is just simple bad for the Original creators, but it is also terrible for you.

If you care about your Security on your PC or other Game System you should always download from real sources like Curse Forge, Modrinth or other Platforms for mods. But how do you know what is “real” and what is fake?

You could download their free Browser extension from the Chrome Web Store or even from the Firefox Add-on page.
For more information, you could check this site over here to learn more about it.

What does mean this for me?

Not really much. There are ways to actively inform you over #StopModReposts in game with their official Mod, but we think this could be too much. So we try to inform you over this initiative and help them. They have a list where you can add a Page to be blacklisted.

So basically for you, everything will be as it currently is. If this should changes over time, we will inform you over our Discord and over this Regular news.

That’s all for this so far. If we have to add something to this Post, we will update it and notify you again. See you in the next Post.

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