Happy Holidays!

Hello there!

It was quite a while you have heard from us and yes we didn’t do much in the Meantime or did we? Well, yes and no.

We haven’t worked on Sneaky Tree Growing or some of the Ports for Spigot and Fabric, but we have a quite big Project coming up, and this secret will be blown today! Also, we want to recap the year 2022 for Qubik Studios together, so let’s start there:

2022: A big year for Qubik Studios

2022 was such a great year for everyone here at Qubik Studios. We have blown the 250,000 downloads on CurseForge! We have release 2 ports for STG and so on. But 2022 wasn’t that great as we wish.

There were ups and downs for everyone in the team and projects got canceled like Ore Duplicators 2 and the Qubik Studios Network. And yes, we didn’t communicate that much to you in the first place. That’s why the QSN was cancelled in quite without public information available to you guys.

This is a thing we want to change in the future!

We had some mayor changes in the team structure and changed the way ConmineLP and Maxthier managed Qubik Studios. We have revamped the Alpha and Beta Preview team to a more unified Early-Preview Program, where we plan to expand with the ability to join without our intervention!

Not only that, but we have also worked on a great side Project which evolved to a big project with ambition!

Introducing: the QuBOT Engine

The QuBOT is our home own Discord Bot written in Python 3.11, but what if we make an open platform for you to make a Bot for Discord on your own Hardware with no compromises?

That’s the Plan for the QuBOT Engine!

We provide you with the core, and you can install Plugins written in java for the Bot to expand the functionality! Our goal is it to be a big game changer with this Bot and to so strong to replace every Discord Bot on your Server with the QuBOT Engine powered system we wrote.

Head Developer for this Project is Kleidukos with ConmineLP who manages the whole project.

Starting January 2023 we will go online with the Bot for an open Alpha.

Not only that, we have created a Website for this Bot and you will be able to see it in action once it launches in January. You can reach it over this link: https://qubik-studios.net/QuBOT-Engine.

We will also create Plugins for this bot and provide users and Developers with documentation on how the API Works!

But there is one more thing we need to tell you: The bot will be free of charge, but you can decide to get the Premium version when it’s released. With features like a build in plugin manager (Install plugins directly from the Web interface) and more Quality of Life improvements for a pay what you want price system (>€5).

Also, we will give you a central place to upload your Plugins, with the ability to even sell them!
But this is in planning and will most likely come in the 3`Q 2023.

That was it for today and the rest of this year. We see you in 2023!

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