What happened at Qubik Studios?

Hello there!

It has indeed been quite some time since our last communication. We regret the extended silence, which was necessitated by a variety of factors affecting Qubik Studios, and want to tell you: What happened at Qubik Studios?

Over the past years, we faced numerous challenges that led us to suspend several announced projects dating back to 2022 and 2023, including ongoing issues with projects such as Sneaky Tree Growing. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue and cancel certain projects from us.

Before delving into the specifics of these cancellations, we would like to provide insight into the reasons behind Qubik Studios’ prolonged inactivity.

Our team encountered significant personal commitments that demanded our attention, leaving little room to dedicate the necessary effort to Qubik Studios. Internally, we referred to this situation as project dormancy or suspension, indicating our inability to sustain the necessary momentum.

Originally, Qubik Studios was not envisioned to be a highly productive entity. Nonetheless, certain endeavors, like Sneaky Tree Growing, unexpectedly gained traction and expanded beyond our initial expectations. Initially conceived as a learning project for Forge and built upon the MCreator Minecraft Mod maker, Sneaky Tree Growing underwent extensive recoding to enhance its efficiency and stability, leading to a noteworthy milestone of 20,000 downloads. Our ambition to develop mods across multiple platforms, encompassing Forge, Fabric, Spigot, and Sponge, proved overly ambitious.

During the mod’s ascent to 150,000-200,000 downloads, we unveiled the Qubik Studios Network – a vast undertaking that monopolized our focus, halting progress on other projects like Sneaky Tree Growing. Concurrently, we embarked on an even more ambitious endeavor: the QuBOT Engine, an open-source Discord bot accessible to all. Regrettably, apart from the QuBOT Engine, none of our other projects experienced substantial advancement, culminating in our current predicament—a trove of unfinished undertakings that were silently abandoned without explanation.

Complications with Sneaky Tree Growing continued to mount, prompting our current decision-making process.

Our Plan: Rectifying the Situation

As previously mentioned, Qubik Studios will formally discontinue and cancel select projects. However, we also intend to foster a more transparent and inclusive environment. We invite those interested in contributing to join our team.

The following projects will be definitively canceled:

  • QuBOT Engine (Unfinished “Release” on GitHub forthcoming)
  • Easy Elevators (Spigot)
  • QEssentials (Spigot)
  • Miners Jurassic (Forge)
  • Cryogenic Cables Mod (Forge & Fabric)
  • InvShare (Spigot)

Additionally, we will discontinue development of the following projects:

  • Sneaky Tree Growing for Fabric
  • Sneaky Tree Growing for Spigot
  • HideME (Spigot)

It’s important to note that ongoing support will continue for Sneaky Tree Growing for Forge.

While this strategic shift may not immediately rectify past missteps, we remain committed to channeling our efforts more effectively.

The Future of Sneaky Tree Growing

This project represents the genesis of our journey. Moving forward, we are dedicated to enhancing the mod’s quality and stability, ensuring compatibility with current Minecraft versions and the Forge platform.

Starting today, we will commence work on Sneaky Tree Growing for Minecraft version 1.20.4, aiming to provide an early preview in the coming days.
Also, we will downgrade the version currently back down every Minecraft version until we hit the version 1.19.0 as of the codebase won’t change that big that it cost us that much of time.

This releases will be continued to be published on CurseForge and Modrinth!

That’s all for Today. See you soon!

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Qubik Studios Team
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