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Qubik Studios is a small team based in Germany and Switzerland. We are passionate supporters of open-source, which enables individuals from all around the world to contribute to our projects. But don’t worry if you don’t have any coding skills, you can still share your creative ideas with us on our Discord!

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Open Source

Almost all of our Projects exist in an Open Source version on our GitHub


Our Projects are going through a long Test phase in our Early Preview Team.

Self Coded

Our Projects are all self coded by a Small Team in their Free time and are available as Open Source Projects on GitHub.

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The numbers are speaking for itself!

5 Hundred
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503 Thousand
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2 Thousand
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In total, over 506 Thousand Downloads and still counting up!

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Hello there! Qubik Studios is joining the initiative #StopModReposts in this News we will tell you what this means and what you have to expect.…

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