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0 Open places

Needed skills:
– Knowledge to design Blockpallets
– Creativity
– The Ability to work in a Team and to Work with custom Blocks from Mods

Java/Kotlin Developer

2 Open places

Needed skills:
– 2 years and counting of Java or Kotlin knowledge
– Know how of OOP
– Know how different APIs works. Like Fabric, Forge or Spigot

Discord Supporter

2 Open places

Needed skills:
– Knowledge with Supporting others
– Know how to handle with difficult users
– Knowledge how to help users the most efficient way
– Knowledge of current and past Qubik Studios Projects

Good to know

As of the Discord TOS we cannot accept you if you are under the age of 13. This is do to that we are using Discord as main way to communicate in the Team.
Also we are Non-Profit all earnings from the Site (from the ads) will be used to refinance the Server behind this.