Qubik-Studios.net Update

Hello there!

Today we released the New and improved Qubik Studios website. With smal design changes and with some additions.

This update contains minor changes of the Colors. We do not changed the colors much buch lighter colors got brighter and darker colors got slightly darker. But anyways here is the full Changelog:

+ Added QuBOT Engine project page
+ Added #StopModReposts Page
+ Added page Version on bottum of the page
* Finished Language Selector
~ Changed Colorscheme and Borderradius
~ Bumped Website version to 3.5.6
~ Unify all shadows
~ Updated team page
- Removed "Why we have ads" Page and Button
- Removed Bottum Page navigation
[+ = New] [* = Updated/Fixed] [~ = Changed] [- = Removed]
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