Don’t give them a chance!

Sadly most of our Projects, indeed all of our Mods, got reported on other sites than the from us Supported Platforms like Modrinth or CurseForge.
This is bad for us and other Modders and even for you. They including Malware or adware in the SourceCode of our Projects.
As of this Qubik Studios is joining the #StopModRepost Project.

In this article you will learn what is safe to do and what you should do.

What is reposting?

With reposting we mean sites which re-uploading Mods or other Projects without our Permission. This is all illegal or not so good for us what they doing and here is why:

Malicious software

We do not have Control what the Mod contains or now needs if it gets Reposted.
That means it could be possible that malware or adware will be implemented.
You bring your Computer at own risk!

No revenue for us

As with the Ads on our Site this project live from passive income. On the platforms we release our Mods we get a revenue for the Downloads. If this stops Qubik Studios can no longer exists.

Outdated versions

We try our Best to stay on the newest version to you. On this sites you mostly won’t get the newest and best from us.
This won’t happend if you download from sites like these.

What could you do?

To stop this the best way is to install the free Browser Extension from StopModRepost’s website and/or open a request to add the site on a list for this extension.
Here are a few other ways you could help:

Download from Official sites

If you are not sure what is official ask the Mod developers on their official contact options.
(Twitter, Reddit, Discord)

Tell the mod author

If you are not sure how to deal with such kind of situation report the site to the mod authors. Most likely they know what they are doing.

What we are doing

We as a Team also want to stop this. As reaction of this one of our Founders joined the Discord from #StopModRepost and started to looking for other sites which are not added to the block list.