Qubik Studios Network [DevLog#2]

Hello there!

As we have told you we now post every month new DevLogs from the Qubik Studios Network! This time we have small announcements but just as before there is some interesting stuff going on.

Freebuild – Plugin

Sadly there are no new News for the Freebuild plugin..
But there is a other great news for the Network side:

We have now an Anticheat. We can’t tell you the name of it but there is one. With an Anticheat there will come Rules for the Server. In the next few DevLogs we will tell you the Rules and explain a little about it.

Freebuild – Lobby

The Freebuild lobby makes some big Progress. In fakt the Map is almost ready to get market as Finished!
We want show you some Pictures out from the Freebuild Lobby so you can get a look what you will get when we release the Network. Indeed we do not have to tell you much about that so we just show you some Pictures.

There are some details missing but overall we can call it done.

New Lobby

As of that the old Lobby we have shown you in the 1 year Event we do not think that is fitting in the Current concept of the Network. So we started long ago the “Phase 2” lobby. But if you read the DevLog before you know that we are not having phased in this point of. As of this we decided to show you some parts of the new Lobby.

(Every picture was taken with Sildurs Vibrant Extreme VL Shader and Bare Bones Texturepack)

Special is that this Lobby will feature every Game we have planed currently. At the moment you can only see the FreeBuild and Shop Island. Also this is very inDev changes are awaited to be made.

Sadly we are not sure if we can Release the Lobby intime with the Release of the Qubik Studios Network so it will most likely come later on the Network

Want to help?

As you might know we searching Team members.
To move on faster with the Network we need your help! If you can Code, Build or just want to be a Supporter on our Team you can visit this page: [CLICK]

But please notice that we won’t accept Cracked players and users below the age of 13

Closed and Public test

In the very near future we want you to allow Joining the InDev server so you can give us active feedback. But this will start as a closed Test for our Early Preview Team.
Currently we can’t tell you a date when the Testing starts but we think you will have to wait long.
More information on our Discord soon™

Other news?

Yes! you will hear from us very soon about Sneaky Tree Growing and its next big Update!
We thin you will love it.

That’s all for today.
See you then!

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