Qubik Studios Network [DevLog#1]

Hello there!

It was a while ago where we told you updates about our Network project and other. This is because we had major restructuring going on in the background.

There are some changes that impact the Development of the QSN in big ways. Also, we have started to make this thing as a monthly dev log. We will try to inform you about what happened to the network each month around the same time.

With what we will start on the Network

In this post, Read the Article, we have told you a road map with phases. This is now scrapped. We won’t use this plan to continue working on the Network. That does not mean we will cancel it. We have restructured the “Roadmap” and are now on a much better to develop system.

The thing is, we have forgotten how much work it is to put everything in a roadmap and make this as planned. We have also seen major problems as we moved on from 1.8.9 up to 1.16 and now up to 1.18. We will try to let the Server be on the latest version from now on to make use of the New blocks and maybe new API changes from Spigot/Paper.

The new plan for the Network is now in place and will be not changed until the Release.

As you see, there are emojis behind the Game modes, which means what we will do next. Currently, our Priority is set to Free build.

But if you look closely, you can see some pixeled text in the Center of the Image. This is a secret we won’t tell you today.

The Game modes with an ❌ on the side means we won’t implement it in the Near future. Most likely, they are delayed on a more later point of the Network.

Current Priority?

Our current Priority is, as you might read before, Free build. We have features planned that are so amazing and unique, such as a Stock Exchange. If you know what a Stock Exchange is, you are fine. But we will not tell you in this dev log what we have in mind.

Anyway, here is a small spoiler from the Stock Exchange:

Minecraft Bedrock Support

Yes, you have heard right! We will support Minecraft in Bedrock. So you can play on the QSN from your Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation and Xbox! Basically from everywhere!

The IP/Domain will be the same as you might know it. mc.Qubik-Studios.net
The Port will be the most likely the default for Bedrock.

More information coming soon when we have done the hard part.

Other changes? More plans?

You might know that a Server is expensive and is a running cost. We will try to get rid of the sponsoring and want to become full customers by DreamHosting.at

As of this and our goal to be Non-Profit, we have a hard time to make this running all time long. So we decided for our Network and other projects that we will start to receiving Donations.

Also, the Qubik Studios Network will get a Store. If you remember correctly, we denied that for good. But as we want to make everything to give you the Best user experience, we have to do this step. That should not mean that we try to make profit out of this.

In the QSN Web store you will be able you buy things you might, can also buy with in game currency on the server but that for much lower price (with the coin and euro difference in mind). You can buy everything in the Store if you want, but this is for us “just” a donation.

You can, if you want, join on our Discord and ask questions about that.

The money will be used only for Qubik Studios and will not go in any private pocket.

Thats all for today.
See you then!

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