Qubik Studios 1 year Event – Recap

Hi there!

It was a great Event with great news! Some of you have seen the Event and some of you have not seen the event. For this here is a small recap of the Event. All News and all Projects wich was covered in the event are now here so you can read them!

The Qubik Studios Network!

The event started with a grant opening with a open day of the Qubik Studios Network.
You could have join on the Network to play some SkyWars or just to explore the new Lobby!
But what have changed since the last news?
We have made the first playable version from SkyWars and updated the whole server to the 1.17.1
Our plan is now to make a server update every big Feature update like 1.17.1 will support 1.18 and with the 1.19 we will make the next server Update.

As you know we have phases for the Server. This is simple for the fact that we want to be the most time in Maintenance. You can see the phases in this post: CLICK

We also have now a new Server from DreamHosting.at and there we now a bigger VServer as we had with our old Sponsor.

The Lost and new Project! The Qubik Client

Yes you have heard right its back (again)! The Qubik Client we do not have so much to show you but as you might expect.
There is a small Preview version from the Qubik Client but this was mostly for learning Java and how to code a minecraft Client.

There are no Images we want to show you. The Client will have features you can expect from LabyMod, MysteryMod or even LunaClient or BadlionClient. But just to say: This is now a alternative for one of these mods/clients! We want to make this as a toolbox that you can use everywhere and every time.
The Client will have features for everyone: Mapmaking Tools, PvE/Survival and even PvP.

If you have ideas for the Client you can join our Discord and tell us what you wish!

Ore Duplicators 2

In Ore Duplicators 2 we have now a Guide. The update we are working on will be Releases before the new Year! Yes you have heard right: We plan to release it this year!
But back to the Guide: You will find there so much information’s about every single block in the Mod.

Every UI is new! Yes we want to go from the basic UI to custom enhanced Versions for the Mod.
In the Coal Tiers UI are now a progressbar! This bar will show you how long the run will last until its finished.

Advancements! Ore Duplicators 2 will now feature Advancements to guide you along the mod!

The QuBOT V2 (QuBOT Engine)

Our own bot, the QuBOT, will get an Update. A quite big update!
This new bot is based on the Javacord API and is written in Java. The new Bot will feature a Webinterface and a custom Logger. It comes in 2 Version and will be Opensource!
Version 1 – Basic Version: This Version will feature the basic aspects of the QuBOT and will be OpenSource on GitHub
Version 2 – Premium Version: This is not a Paid version from the QuBOT but this will only get out to Users who are active or Special on our Discord. This Whole version will be closed source and have a License check. Is your License invalid the bot will only use the non Premium features like these you will get in the Basic version.

The QuBOT Engine (The name for the Project) will need a Database and is totally self-hosted.
When you want to add the bot to bigger and existing Communitys we have Commands wich you can migrate all users to the Database.

You can Configure every single aspect of the bot so it fits your mind!

Whats next?

One year and still counting. The QuBOT, The Qubik Client, Ore Duplicators 2 and the Qubik Studios Network are big projects and they are projects for the heart. We want to expand our Team be more efficient with Projects and so on.
We also want to expand on our knowledge and want to learn new stuff!
We have planned big Projects and have even bigger dreams! Be with us on this journey and have with us a good time.

Thank you for one year Qubik Studios and see you soon!

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