Big step into our future!

Hi there!

Welcome back on our new Site! Since the last post so much happend and we have so much to tell you! But first lets get started with the new Site!

Qubik Studios new site!

After a server switch we have lost the whole design of the Qubik Studios website. As we informed you on our Discord you had 2 choices: make a new website or try to save the old one.
You all decided for a new design and here we are. One or two pages are still not ready but they will come very soon!

But what changed?
Basically nothing other then the Design of the Website.
But we have done so much in the background of the Website that is something like a custom 404 page.
Also you might notice that we have on our Website ads. (If no they will come really soon!) This is duo to the fakt that we now pay for a Server!

Changes to Server and Sponsors!

Because of many (and with many we mean many) reasons we left Evotic for sponsoring us a Server. This isn’t a bad thing! We now are in a partially sponsoring with with a 40GB RAM server! This is now our main server and our Minecraft Network is also already on the new Server!

But when we already telling you about the Network…

Progress of the Network

We have done not quite so much progress on the Network this is because the new Server!
But now here what we have done so far:

The Friends/Party system is almost finished! We can’t tell you much about it. Its just a feature rich Social system

The SkyWars System got started and we have a litte nice present to you: When the SkyWars system is finished we will make a day where we disable maintanance server wide for you!
But when and how this is going to happen is not planned yet. We expect it in like 1 or 2 months.

But the Network is not the only thing we have worked on in the last weeks!

Ore Duplicators 2

We have worked on the mod aswell! You know this is not so a big update but there is so much to write on. The new Designs of the UI’s are already finished and are ready to Release. The only thing is the Guide book we introduce in this Update. It takes more time to write as expected..
We try our best to bring this Update out ASAP!

This was all for today! Seen you soon!

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