Progress of the Network

Hi there!

We have done some changes to our Website and we have something to show to you!
First: Say hello to our new Team members Kleidukos and xImPxcal! Kleidukos makes plugins for the Network and for you guys and xImPxcal is builder and works on the Survival Spawn

Qubik Studios Network Progress Report

We have shown you the Lobby but what we didn’t showed you was the Lobby System with a Tablist, Scoreboard and hotbar menu! We didn’t want to make it too big but with all the typical features from what you can expect from a lobby system.

Lobby hotbar menu, Scoreboard and Tablist

The Hotbar menus

The Hotbar menus are one of the most used things in servers so we also have one. It contains items for a lobby selection, a friends menu, a gamemode navigator, player visiblity changer as well a settings menu. It also contains 2 placeholders for future features like lobby pets and gadgets.
The Lobby changer have a quite nice feature that allows you to see based how many clocks got stacked (0 to 50) how many players are on the lobby and if the lobby is online based wich item you see (a clock means online lobby, barrier means offline lobby)

The Tablist

The Tablist is one part that every player needs and uses. We want to make it not to big so that it does not stretch over your whole screen. It contains who are our Sponsor and some usefully links like a link to our discord. It also shows you your current ping. If it gets to high the ping color also changes.
And like no other Tablist it shows your name and rank.

The Scoreboard

The Scoreboard contains some nice information like what clan you are in, your rank, all of you hardly earned coins and how much of you friends are online.
The coins are not gamemode specific they are to buy ranks on our Server. As you might know we do not want to sell ranks for real money so that it is fair for everyone to play on our Server. The ranks cannot be bought over a website like Buycraft its only on our Server with the earnable ingame money.

The Friend System

Currently and the latest progress of the Lobby Plugin is the friend system. Maxthier started to make first basic features like the Friend UI and more!
Its still pretty much work in Progress so we do not show you this part of the Plugin.

But this is not the part we have done in the time. The Lobby makes quite good progress and you can see Updates over on our Sub-Reddit /r/QubikStudios we post there some exclusive content and you can use it like a Forum. You can basically say its a forum replacement from our Website.

The first 3 SkyWars maps are finished!

If you are on our Subreddit you might have notice that we post there screenshots from our Network. Something like in build maps or Lobbys. Now we have 3 different SkyWars maps finished.
We call them: Valley, Star, Downtown!
Also we plan to create 2 SkyWars modes: one for 1.8.X and up and one für 1.13.X and up.
The current plan for maps looks like this:
We have 6 universal Maps wich are for both types of SkyWars and 3 special maps wich are build to fit in the PvP system from the 1.8 or 1.13 version from SkyWars

Progress of the Lobby

To be honest we have not worked much on the Lobby between the Last and this Post. But lately we have made some big Progress!
With the help from Noronus and Lenderplayer we started on a quite big terrain upgrade to the Lobby. We firstly made the Lobby stone barrier with Worldedit now we reworked everything with Voxelsniper wich do if you know it can handel the building for mountains much better than worldedit.

What plugins do we Use?

We want to Open Source and want to make our own Plugins for everything but at some points we need to use pre-done and none Open Source Plugins. This is why we create a Sub-Page for the Qubik Studios Network were we make a list with all not self coded Plugins we use to give the original Author credits for the Hard work he make to create and maintain such plugins.

Ore Duplicators 2 – Energy Update Part 3 have Released!

The third part of the Energy Update just got released over CurseForge! That means the big and long awaited Energy Update is now fully implemented for you to play around!

And now? What is following?
That is simple! since the beginning of Ore Duplicators 2 we wanted to improve the UI and make so much Quality of Life updates. We have added new mechanics to the whole mod and want to expand on this. But what is Planned? What changes? And to be honest we do not know yet what we change and how we change this. We can show you a small concept art for the UI for the Coal Ore Duplicator:

So that’s it for today! See you soon

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