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Hello there!

Today we show you something about the Qubik Studios Network, give you some insider and release Information!
First: As you might know the Qubik Studios Network is an alternativ to the Qubik Client. But the plans didn’t changed in the time between the first announcement for the Network. Our goal is it to give you as user the best Minecraft experience ever and hear on you. For example our mod project “Ore Duplicators 2” we got some really nice feedback from you guys and saw what needs to be improved or changed. This is how we works as a community with this chance to work with you guys as a Team is one of the best feelings we had. And back to the Qubik Client: you might saw that the Project is not longer listed on this Page. You can’t find any information about it but this don’t mean we don’t want to make this anymore its the opposite of that! We only have the problem that we haven’t enough Developers to make a so big Project. That’s why we started the Qubik Studios Network. The Qubik Client will come but not before 2022. So stay tuned for the Qubik Client.
But before we can tell you more about our Network there is another thing we want to talk about:

New Sponsor!

Yes! This is why we talk today so much about the Network! We have finally found a Sponsor wich making the network even real! As you might know we had a other sponsor,, they are round about one month offline and we couldn’t reach out to them anymore so we searched for a new and better one to provide you as user the best play experience on our Network. is a German hosting company. Our server is located in Dusseldorf.

So thanks goes out to and for making Qubik Studios even a thing!

Qubik Studios Network

The Qubik Studios Network we are working on it! And today we show you something: The Lobby and the MoTD from the server. But first: As you know we split the full Network in 3 parts. So in the first part we chosen Freebuild for the Survival players and SkyWars for the PvP Players. Of course that will not be the only gamemodes on our Network but wich gamemodes will come can you read here.

And now! A InBuild picture of the Lobby!

As You see the lobby is quite small and have only 2 main buildings on it. This decision was made because we want to show you that Survival and PvP are totally diffrent ways to play Minecraft. and want to make clear that PvP can be harder (This is why the PvP building have hard corners) is and PvE / Survival much easier is than PvP (This is why the Survival building have rounded corners).

And whats next? The MoTD of the Server!

And what is with the Mods and Plugins from Qubik Studios?
Well we are a small team and have to make priorities at some Projects. That means the Development of for example Ore Duplicators 2 don’t get paused but will be more a thing when we have the time for that. A Network is so much more than putting some servers together with Bungeecord and use some third-party maps and plugins that don’t belong to us. We want to be original and want to try out our self.

That’s it for the News round about the Network to this state. We let you informed about more news round about the Server!
See you Later

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