We are back online after the Maintenance

Hello there!

After the not planned Maintenance we are back online. The Website have some minor changes.


Partner page
Team Area
Legal Documents


But why did we removed the Forum?
The awnser is quite simple. In europe there is a new quideline. Because the website is hosted in germany, and in germany the europeen guideline is now law, we can’t afford it to run into the danger to break the law. And maybe you already heared from the Guideline. Its the copyright directive article 17. If you don’t know what this guideline does please inform you here: CLICK
So this is why we removed the Forum page. It may be come back after a while. But only if the article 17 or the german law allow it us to do so.

Updates about the Minecraft Network

As you know we aren’t talk much about the Minecraft Network. But now the time is come to a point where we can tell you something about our Lobby. Yes, we working on the Lobby but we can’t show you at this point the design or so but we can talk a little about it.
In the lobby there will be only 2 main buildings. One is for only PvP gamemodes and the second one is only for Survival gamemodes. We have to this point only 6 planned games for the Server but we try to do more and more.

Team updates

After one of our Discord Developer was unfriendly to us and gave a user the Founder role on our Discord. we decided to kick him out of the Team. The founder role was a accident but the reaction how we confronted him was unfriendly and stupid.

Ore Duplicators 2 – Energy Update

The Energy Update for the mod Ore Duplicators 2 is comming almost to an end. Round about 2 days ago the Head Developer for Ore Duplicators 2, ConmineLP, released a first peak to the public. After many versions and trys for the Energy System it is almost finished. If you are on our Discord active you might notice it: we had a community decide for the cables in the update will split in a third part. This is because the cables do so much problems, like they don’t transfer energy to west or east or up and down, so that we have to make more focus on this part of the Mod. Currently we searching bugs for a public beta release.
And the Part 3 of the Energy Update wil also the first update where we try to go into the Stable state.

This was the news from today see you soon!

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