What happend since the last post at Qubik Studios

Hello there!

Since the last time we post here a NEWS! it happend some big things.
The first announcement is: We have a new Team member! Lets say hello to AnneLisaJule!
She is a Builder for our Network and is currently building with ConmineLP on the Qubik Studios Network – Lobby!
But at this moment i can’t tell you more details about the Lobby but there is a other new thing and this time on the Qubik Studios Discord!

The QuBOT is back! This time we made it in the language Python and uses the Discord.py API. The QuBOT comes with a own Ticket and Application system.
We have also some funny things build into the bot and we want to make the bot bigger with more features.
Here a list with all user commands:

  • commands
  • userinfo <@Mention>
  • 8Ball [QUESTION]
  • serverinfo
  • meme [TAG]
  • More is comming soon…

This commands can you also see with !help on our Discord Server.

Wile you wait:

In the meantime, while waiting for the server, we have started a new kinda big side project!
A SkyBlock modpack with custom mods, quest and so much more!
The project is called “Sky Engineers 2” and will be listed on the website in the course of the days.
The Modpack also have some special features we can’t tell you but the Quest are self explaining and
ConmineLP wrote a small mod which is “Tree Growing Simulator” in the 1.16.5 for the Modpack and for you!
You can Download it for free on CurseForge.
This mod is also since 2 days listed on the Website. But as soon as the servers are there we will work with full power on the network and possibly put mod projects aside for the time being and work a little less on them.

Ore Duplicators 2 – Port to 1.16.5

we also successfully ported Ore Duplicators 2 to 1.16.5 and we are working on the Energy Update. Unfortunately we had to make a few minus points. The cables won’t make it into the first Energy Update Release. The reason for that is we still have quite strong bugs with the cables that made it nearly impossible to use this mod with the cables. But don’t be scared cables come back in a future Update.
The port to 1.16.5 means that 1.15.2 and 1.12.2 don’t get anymore updates at all.

A present for our Community!

ConmineLP our Head designer who is also one our founders made some Qubik Studios themed wallpapers to train his skills and want to share it with our community.
You can find a new side page as category when you hover over the Projects page in the Menu bar.

There will be custom styled wallpapers from all of our Projects. The first wallpapers which will be downloadable will be a Qubik Studios wallpaper aswell a Sky Engineers 2 wallpaper.

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