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This Post is from an Older Website by Qubik Studios. These Post are really Out-Dated and does not contain new Informations at all.


Today we have a big Update to make on our Website!
Welcome on Version 2!
Proudly hosted by

You see now whats we are working on in our Downloads Tab!
Aswell you can see all of our previos NEWS! post from the website.
You can also download finished Projekts like Mapmaker4LIFEs Skyblock.

As you see we use Cookies for this Website. But for what we use cookies?
Well, thats simple! We have added Google analytics to see how many Time the website was called.
This website was Coded in round about 2 weeks so that we can contain some bugs here as well.

Q&A to the new Website

Why Version 2? This is the First Website from Qubik Studios!
Well youre right! This is the First Qubik Studios Website. But we have a another website.
The “old” website belongs to Qubik Studios and yes. The website got never online!
The old Website was made in a Block editor. This one is self coded.

Please Report any Bugs to us! We need your support to improve this Website!

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