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Good day dear Qubik community,

It was time for a change, I’ll tell you why.
Mapmaker4LIFE was dying, mapmaking was no longer an active topic and all applicants dropped out when they
joined the team or were asked to do something. We all know it, who else really wants to map make from the
Minecraft community? A very small part. This part was way too small for us to lead an active team. Towards the
end we had 4 people building the worlds which was really too little.
But the phoenix rises from the ashes!
So we have a new, frankly better team, which is mainly coding around Minecraft and our own Minecraft Client.

And why we did merged IMT to Qubik Studios? Well we wont to spread the whole Team over two Discords.
So we decided to merge all Together. For all who are asking: Yes all IMT projects will be not cancelled.
We don’t scrap everything because a re-brand.

But one of the biggest change is the Website. We don’t use any more the free Website builder + Hosting! We host our Website now on a Sponsored server!

Kind regards Qubik Team

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