DevLog #2 – The Launcher

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This Post is from an Older Website by Qubik Studios. These Post are really Out-Dated and does not contain new Informations at all.

Hello there!

Today I announce the first Screenshots from the client launcher and explain some things.
The Launcher was not planned but now ConmineLP decided to make one in Python!
But you ask: “python? is this not only for Linux?” No! Python can be run on both types! Windows and Linux and my Goal is it to make the Launcher linux compatible!
The Launcher will be availeble on this Website when the Client is ready to ship out! So be hyped for this!

And now the First Screenshot for the Laoder, Login and Launcher!

Launcher Loader
Launcher Login
Launcher Mainscreen

But of course! Your passwords are safe! We don’t grab your user Data and make illigal stuff with it!
Your Password and Username/Email are only for the Authentication with the Client so you can Play on server with the client!

On the Loading Window you see 3 vertikal lines in the colours of the Mapmaker4LIFE Client Logo. These are animated.

The Login window have a Beta-Key section these is requierd to use the Launcher in the Alpha and Beta Phase. If you want to be a Beta or even Alpha tester open a Ticket in the Discord. And yes: the discord is now open!

The section account on the launcher Window is not final and can be not in the Final version of the Launcher.

How do you like this? Please give us feedback on our Discord!

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