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This Post is from an Older Website by Qubik Studios. These Post are really Out-Dated and does not contain new Informations at all.

Dear Community,

Today we reveal the “secret” project that we are currently creating at Qubik Studios!
The Qubik Client! The client is a kind of badlion client and / or LabyMod! But for all survival / PvP players we
of course add interesting functions such as a compass or a time in the game!
However, I can’t give you any great news because we have only just started programming.
The project will be published on GitHub open-source afterwards. In addition, the client offers its own add-on API
later on, which can easily be used to program add-ons. In addition, the client is delivered with the WorldEdit Mod and Optifine, i.e. a mod loader is integrated.
You will get the Discord Link afterwards via the Qubig Studios Discord (discord.qubik-studios.net)
If you have any suggestions for the client, please write to me on Discord at: ConmineLP#5548

Here take a look at some of the Features.

Capes! We bring the Client with capes that are Free! Yes, for Free! You can choose your Cape from a Online Libary from the Qubik Studios.
Enhanced Secrurity! To avoid hackers we bring the Client with a own secrurity feature out. The Secrurity Features is splitted in 2 a Plugin and a Secrurity Server.
Unique Launcher! The Client Launcher comes with a nice Disign and some unique Features like a point that shows you the Status of the Mojang Servers.

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