Introducing a brand new Discord bot never seen before!

Moderate and entertain your Discord with the help of the QuBOT Engine!
Customize every aspect as you need and extend everything with Plugins!

Why you should use QuBOT Engine?

Unlimited features with Plugins

The QuBOT Features a rich Plugin API based on the Java Discord Api (JDA). You controll everything you need!
Write your own Plugins or find some in the Plugin Repository (Soon™)

Custom-Build Webinterface

With the build-in Webinterface you have the Controll of everything! Unban/Ban users,remove roles and manage Plugins!

Official maintained by Qubik Studios

The QuBOT is made by Qubik Studios and gets Regulary Updated by us.

Runs everywhere!

The QuBOT is so written that it can run everywhere where the JVM can run!
Even Supporting MacOS, Linux, Windows and ARM

Docker it!

The QuBOT Engine comes in 2 pre done packets.
On vanilla .jar file and one pre-build Docker container.


With the pure nature of it that the QuBOT Engine is selfhosted you have the Control over Avatar, Name and Description!


Be your own Hoster! Just simple install the bot on your Server and start the QuBOT Engine.

Free Edition


Host on your Own Hardware.

  • Package inclusion one
  • Package inclusion two
  • Package inclusion three

Premium Edition

10 .00

More features out-of-the-box

  • Every Feature from the Free Edition
  • Package inclusion two
  • Package inclusion three

Reseller License

15 .00

Only for Hosting Conpanies

  • Every Feature from the Premium Edition
  • Package inclusion two
  • Package inclusion three

Price tags are subject to change when the Features gets listed

All Prices are subject to change. We will update the Prices with the addition of the Features.

Live Demo

In the live Demo you can test the QuBOT Engine’s Webinterface. You can enable or Disable the interface over the Config you find.


Documentation will be available short bevor Release.